Branding & Marketing

Mushroom Kingdom is a project that aims to deliver freshly produced mushrooms to the markets our local shores using high-tech, sterile agriculture farms. The growing process of these mushrooms is monitored indoors with climate control. To ensure the mushrooms are naturally produced, no pesticides or chemicals are used. They strive to be the largest supplier of organically grown mushrooms in Singapore.

We were engaged by AGRIVO International to take on the brand identity of this project. We worked very closely with the fine people of AGRIVO to get to know their beliefs and personalities as a company. Through this relationship and workshops together, we were able to extract their company culture and their business objectives to apply it in their collaterals, products and marketing strategies. Rarely does a project with such a quirky name come by, so we took the opportunity to throw some of our creative ideas into the mix. They were looking for a friendly and relatable logo, yet something refined enough to be remembered by. The end result is a well-balanced logo and brand identity, designed to carry the business forward with the consideration of future enterprises.