Exhibition / Retail Space

The project’s goal was to showcase a different side of the world to the sunny shores of Singapore. Latvia, located in the Baltic region of Northern Europe, is a land of four seasons and where winter is the most cherished of all because of the festive significance of the winter solstice or Christmas. The client wished to bring the festive mood and atmosphere from the small country, over to Singapore, where the sight of snow covered green forests, the symbiosis between people and mother nature and a strong cultural presence, will never be experienced.

Riga, the capital of Latvia, is recognised as the birthplace of the first Christmas tree. The decorating of the trees originated as early as 1510 by several accounts and the beloved tradition developed and swept across the world. We were brought in to recreate the Latvian festive scene and mood in a retail space located at TANGS Singapore. Unique Latvian products were flown over to display the innovative and eye-catching craftsmanship. We introduced fresh and live Noble Firs as the setting to the open space. That gave the customers a unique feeling of being surrounded by the lush greenery. The trees were then adorned with glass ornaments shaped in the various nordic signs, all hand-made from Latvia. Curated scenes of the country set the story of the winter solstice as customers peruse through the space.